How to apply argan oil?

Argan oil is a cosmetic that is often used for performing dehydrated and damaged hair care treatments. The manner in which we are going to apply the oil depends on a few factors. Type of hair, its length and condition are the most important ones. Naturally, dosage of argan oil should be adjusted to individual needs. For example, beginners are advised to put on just several drops of the oil in order to work out their own amount of the cosmetic to apply. What is more, argan oil can be used for hair styling, shielding hair against high temperatures as it can be put on as a hair mask, a preparation for accelerating hair growth as well as for pampering hair and body skin in general.

apply argan oilArgan oil is perfect for hair styling. It does not matter what hair condition is. What matters instead, is taming the unruly strands, defining their natural curl or helping with strengthening. The cosmetic stays on hair all day without adding any additional weight or clumping strands. What is more, it provides hair fix, even to strands which are palpably resistant to styling. If we apply argan oil to wet strands, it would be easier to blow-dry them, tie and comb. Moreover, argan oil protects hair ends from splitting as it creates a shield against high temperatures and some hairdresser treatments that are highly damaging to hair. Additionally, this yellow oil is responsible for strengthening natural hydrolipic barrier, keeping keratin and proteins deep in hair and moisturing scalp.

How to apply argan oil to various hair types? The cosmetic boosts volume of thin and delicate hair. Suffice to distribute a small amount of the cosmetic along strands. What is more, the product improves look of curly and thick hair as well. The manner of application is exactly the same as to sparse hair.

Argan oil can be applied as deeply nourishing hair mask. Such a treatment will do good for frequently dyed hair, the ones that is visibly damaged. How to conduct this kind of a treatment? Pour a great quantity of argan oil onto your hands and rub it into hair, strand by strand. It is also suggested massaging a few drops of argan oil into scalp. Wash hair after more or less three hours. The treatment has to be reapplied one a week until desired outcomes obtained. For achieving even better effects, hair can be covered with a foil cap and then with a towel. Owning to the generated heat, all the crucial substances will be absorbed by strands better.

Argan oil can be used for hair growing treatment. At the very beginning of each session, you should cleanse your scalp using a scrub. This will make active substances penetrate dermis easier. Other beneficial outcomes of scalp scrub are elimination of dead epidermis cells and constriction of sebum production due to regulated work of sebaceous glands. Next, you can proceed with massaging argan oil into hair and scalp. Repeat the procedure up to three times per week. It is advisable to conduct similar treatment for healing dry and itchy scalp. Argan oil will soothe fatigued scalp by supplying it with moisture.