How to protect yourself against purchase of fake Argan Oil?

Argan oil is acquired from Argania nuts from Morocco. Because of that it is called Morocco’s liquid gold. Presently it is one of the most popular and one of the most expensive vegetable oils in cosmetology. It is surrounded by many myths and vagueness, that is why, we often do not know if we actually buy product of full value. We want to introduce to you short guidebook on purchase of Argan oil.

To get 0.22 gallon of Argan oil is needed 66 Ib of Argania nuts from at least few trees. Argania trees grow only in Morocco, and products manufactured there are exported across the world. It means that pure Argan oil cannot be cheap – because otherwise its production would be uneconomic. You should remember that if Argan oil costs less than 10£ for 1.7 Oz. bottle then it is probably a fake.

Very important matter is how the product is called. Under word “oil” we can have two different things, because oil can be vegetable or (essential oil) is a liquid substance, extracted from some part of the tree for fragrance. Before purchase, make sure you are buying the first type.

Relevant is also distinction between Argan oils – there is an oil for intake and cosmetic oil. High-value cosmetic Argan oil is cold pressed from Argania Spinosa nuts, scentless and has golden colour. If the oil has nutty scent and darker colour then it is probably Argan oil for intake sold as a cosmetic oil.

The consistency of the product may also matter. Natural Argan oil has liquid, clear form and under no circumstances will solidify in room temperature. Because of its price, it is often diluted with paraffin, canola oil or sunflower oil. If Argan oil is labelled as 100% pure Argan oil (look for the label on the packaging) and solidify, changes its consistency and is not clear then it is in all likelihood that it’s a fake.