6 Reasons Why You Should Buy Argan Oil for Hair

Argan oil? It’s too expensive, it’s not for me! – certainly you said that to yourself plenty of times and reached for cheaper equivalent, like linseed oil or sunflower oil. Entirely falsely Argan oil is taken for luxury oil for hair care, which is available only to people who can afford it. We want to dispel this myth, and that is why we present 6 reasons, why you should buy Argan oil for hair.

Argan-oil.jpg1. Argan oil isn’t luxurious product. Belief that Argan oil is a luxurious product must have taken from probable mistaken interpretation of some facts. Fact that Argan oil is obtained in Morocco’s plant preserve and for its pressing are necessary lots of Argania nuts, doesn’t mean that this product is luxurious. Its price is a bit higher, but it is available for everyone.

2. Argan oil has high concentration of EFA and vitamins. In comparison to other vegetable oils, concentration of omega acids and vitamin E in Argan oil is one of the highest. Argan oil has rich composition, which properties you may want to try.

3. Properties of Argan oil are unique. There is no other oil that can offer hair such a complex conditioning, nourishment, regeneration and strengthening, while at the same time it would protect them against harmful external factors and eliminate ageing signs.

4. Argan oil is very efficient. Great efficiency means that you do not need much of the product to cover your entire hair and its usage is small.

5. Price of Argan oil is adequate to its quality and efficiency (as it was mentioned above). In few words, it pays of to buy Argan oil instead of cheaper equivalent, because for higher price, we get better product with better properties, which we will use much longer.

6. Results of Argan oil use are immediate. Right after first three weeks of regular hair care with Argan oil, you can notice positive changes – increased elasticity, hydration, even colour and strengthening of hair. After three months of treatment, hair are unrecognisable.