Argan oil is believed to be the best natural substance that is commonly and widely used in cosmetology and hairdressing. Thanks to vitamin, mineral and fatty acid content, it dramatically improves hair and scalp condition. What’s interesting, despite hair conditioning, argan oil can also be used to treat skin and fingernails. Learn the outstanding features and action of argan oil.

Because of its colour and origins, argan oil is also called Liquid Gold of Morocco. This manually extracted from the kernels of Argania Spinosa tree substance doesn’t undergo the process of refining. Thanks to this, the oil preserves its valuable features, action and purity of the substances. Argan oil contains antioxidants, vitamin E, minerals (for example, squalane), essential fatty acids and many other substances that can take a good care of your scalp. These elements of argan oil make it widely recognised as a product of not only caring but also healing action. What are its features in particular?

Argan oil improves hair and scalp condition. During the regular use of the oil, strands become stronger, denser and shinier. Moreover, hair stops falling out, the scalp is properly moistened and the hair ends stop splitting. Thanks to argan oil, hair becomes more resistant to damages as it’s protected against solar radiation. Hot styling, frequent colouring and everyday brushing are safer and occupy less time. What’s also important to add, argan oil counteracts premature greying, prevents excessive hair loss and reinforces hair bulbs. It protects against free radicals and other hair-damaging environmental factors.

The further part of this article features the list of a few of the best hair cosmetics containing argan oil. If you care for healthy scalp and beautiful hair, you should consider giving the products a try or, at least, just pick the favourite one. Surely, you won’t regret this.

Nanoil Hair Oil


Nanoil Hair Oil

Nanoil is an effective hair oil combining the best ingredients of high-quality with the swift action. It’s of Nanoil and the other vegetable oils’ first concern to make hair healthy and beautiful again as well as to help scalp become nourished and well-pampered. Similar features have vitamins and the remaining strands-strengthening substances that additionally protect against solar radiation and deliver smoothness, gloss and moisture.

Nanoil hair oil works both on hair’s surface and deep inside the shafts. It has universal features which aim is to regenerate, deliver active substances and ease the process of hair styling. Thanks to the cosmetic, combing becomes easier as blow-drying takes no more than just a few minutes. Furthermore, unruly wisps are finally tamed so you can set the hairdo you always wanted to wear. Argan oil, which makes up Nanoil’s composition, improves hair and scalp condition significantly. When treated with the oil, strands become lifted up at the roots whereas hair ends are rebuilt and protected against the damages. Additionally, the cosmetic gifts scalp with the proper level of moisture and nourishment, and hair with elasticity, softness and shine. Nanoil and argan oil that composes the product help your hair being no longer frizzy, dry, dull and rough to the touch. Hot styling will be way easier and safer whereas frequent dyeing and blow-drying will cease damaging your hair. Moreover, Nanoil hair oil, together with argan oil included in the composition, will protect your hair against sun rays, free radicals, mechanical or chemical damages and many other environmental factors.

Nanoil hair oil with argan oil is easy to apply, and the process itself doesn’t occupy much time. All you have to do is rub a few drops of the cosmetic into strands or massage them into scalp. Due to the light consistency, the product is absorbed promptly and doesn’t stick hair together. Nanoil hair oil can be applied to wet and dry hair at choice, before or after blow-drying. It’s one of the products that can be put on every day. Last but not least, here’s the fact that might be interesting especially for men; Nanoil is good at beard pampering, too!

Moroccanoil-Light-Oil-TreatmentMoroccanoil Light Oil Treatment

Although Moroccanoil Light Oil Treatment hair oil is designed for all hair types, it’s especially recommended for fair and lightened up strands. For hair condition improvement responsible is the key ingredient of the cosmetic, which is argan oil. Many women find it as the best natural substance of hair and scalp pampering action. Find out what you can gain thanks to using argan oil that comprises Moroccanoil Light Oil Treatment.

Argan oil is recommended for taking care of all scalp types, even the most sensitive or often greasy. Therefore, Moroccanoil Light Oil Treatment is great at delivering moisture, easing irritations as it combats the problem dandruff relatively fast. Moreover, argan oil also takes care of the entire hair length, starting from pampering the roots and finishing its action at the very hair ends. It reinforces hair bulbs, counteracts hair loss and regenerates split ends. It gifts hair with natural shine, smooths frizzy and static hair, as it does its best to rebuild damaged strands. Thanks to Moroccanoil Light Oil Treatment and the argan oil included into the composition, hair will turn into being prettier and healthier whereas scalp becomes well-conditioned. In general, hair care will come to be easier for you and the treatment’s outcomes will be visible way faster than you expect them to be.

Argan oil belongs to the semi-drying oil group. This means that Moroccanoil Light Treatment, which contains the oil, is easy to apply, is rather fast to absorb and doesn’t leave a greasy coat on the hair’s surface nor on the scalp. It’s resistant to water, sun rays and other environmental factors.

Dabur-Vatika-Argan-OilDabur Vatika Argan Oil

Dabur Vatika Argan Oil is recommended for taking care of dehydrated, falling out and damaged hair. It also works well when used as a component of therapeutic scalp treatments. For nourishment and regeneration of the strands responsible is argan oil, which is the main ingredient of the cosmetic. Find out what benefits arise from applying the beauty product.

Moisturization, gloss delivery, rebuilding and smoothing are the most important tasks of Dabur Vatika with argan oil. If you look for the immediate improvement of hair and scalp condition, then this product seems to be just ideal for you. It won’t only take care of the hair’s surface, but it’ll also pamper the inner structures of the strands. Argan oil, which comprises the cosmetic’s composition, provides strands with the proper moisture level, protects against damaging environmental factors, delivers many nourishing substances and leaves hair soft to the touch and shining beautifully. Moreover, argan oil counteracts hair damages caused by improper care, frequent colouring and hot styling. Additionally, Dabur Vatika has antioxygenating and anti-ageing action.

Dabur Vatika with argan oil has to be applied externally only. Massage a few drops of the cosmetic into the scalp or hair, let it sit for approximately an hour and then precisely wash your hair. If you look forward to receiving the outstanding effects, apply the cosmetic twice per week. Dabur Vatika will surely fulfil your expectations.

Bioelixire-Argan-OilBioelixire Argan Oil

Bioelixire with argan oil is dedicated to dry and damaged hair. It works relatively fast, is easy to apply and simple to use. Although the bottle contains only 20 ml of the cosmetic, the oil holds out for a few-month treatment. Check out which features are characteristic for this small-bottled cosmetic to learn that you may be highly satisfied with the product.

The secret of Bioelixire’s action lies entirely in its composition. There we can find argan oil, which is recognised as the best and the most effective care oil. It positively influences look, and condition of both hair and scalp. It regenerates damaged strands, slows down excessive hair loss and premature greying. Moreover, it counteracts split ends, frizz and static. Bioelixire hair oil improves combability and accelerates blow-drying time. It shields strands against solar radiation, high temperature generated by either a blow-dryer or a hair curler, and additionally, it protects against the damaging environmental factors. Despite the argan oil, Bioelixire also contains jojoba oil, sunflower oil and vitamin E. The combination of these components makes the product work even more efficiently.

Bioelixire hair oil has to be applied a quite differently than most of the similar products. To demonstrate, a few drops of the oil should be applied to damp or dry hair at choice and left till absorbed fully. The cosmetic doesn’t have to be rinsed. Thanks to this method of applying, all ingredients of Bioelixire, including the argan oil, have the opportunity to act better pampering hair and scalp.

Kemon-Actyva-Bellessere-OilKemon Actyva Bellessere Oil

Kemon Actyva Bellessere Oil is recommended for normal, dry and damaged hair. The most important feature of the product is a regeneration of strands and scalp condition. It contains the very precious substance – argan oil; linseed oil complements its action. Find out what outcome can be produced thanks to the treatment with Kemon Actyva Bellessere Oil.

As mentioned above, the main ingredient in Kemon Actyva Bellesere Oil is argan oil. This substance contains vitamin E and Omega 6 acids, which are known for being the natural antioxidants. Thanks to this, the product counteracts premature greying and ageing as well as it is able to limit excessive hair loss. Moreover, Kemon Actyva Bellessere Oil nourishes, regenerates and moistens strands. It protects against UV radiation, free radicals and ingredients of colouring products; hair is also shielded against damaging environmental factors. For hair smoothing and shine responsible is linseed oil. Together with the argan oil, it makes Kemon Actyva Bellesere Oil a product that improves hair and scalp condition in a very short time.

Kemon Actyva Bellesere Oil has a light formula, which is why it doesn’t weight hair down nor leaves scalp greasy. Such consistency makes it easy for you to apply the product and let the treatment produce satisfactory effects. Furthermore, the product has a delicate aroma which stays long on hair. Kemon Actyva Bellesere Oil is available in the bottles featuring pump dispensers. You can choose between 100 ml and 250 ml packages.